If you are new to watch collecting and purchasing online, you want to be confident that the timepiece you purchase meets all of your expectations, especially size. Aside from the standard case diameter, several factors will influence the size of the watch. We’ve broken down the most important factors to consider when deciding on the size of your next watch.

Know What You Want

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Without considering fashion, some watches (particularly large sports watches) will simply not fit under the sleeve of a dress shirt. If you like the look of a sports watch with a suit jacket, you should pay attention to case thickness.

Often, first-time watch buyers place too much emphasis on case dimensions. You should also know how you want the watch to look on your wrist. If you want a large watch but have thin wrists, you should pay special attention to case size and lugs.

Finally, determine the size of your wrist as well as the type of strap and bracelet you prefer to wear the most. Straps and bracelets for women’s and men’s watches are available in a variety of lengths. Online, watches are frequently listed by case diameter rather than gender, so pay attention to the bracelet length. Extra links can, however, be ordered from a jeweller or the manufacturer. If you want a leather strap, you can always adjust the length.

Recognize Key Watch Components

Case Diameter

Case Thickness: the height of your watch case. More conservative dress watch styles have thinner cases than larger sports watches. Consider what you’ll be wearing the most and how much space you’ll have for your watch – if your sleeves are tight, you might want to look for a watch with a thinner case.

Case Thickness

Lugs: These are the extensions at the top and bottom of the watch case that connect to the bracelet or strap. Lugs are not taken into account when calculating case diameter. When deciding on a case size, keep the length of the lugs in mind; you don’t want the lugs to extend past your wrist.

Bracelets and straps: There are different standard lengths for men’s and women’s watches. Men’s sizes typically range from 7.5 to 8 inches, while women’s sizes typically range from 6.75 to 7 inches. If your wrist size does not fall into this range for a metal bracelet, you can usually add links to customise the size. If you’re looking for a replacement strap, make sure to get the right width. The width of the strap is determined by the width of the lugs on the watch case.

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